From R'lyeh With Lovecraft notes

Though Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon were real people, we simply used their names because their very mention evokes the necessary atmosphere of mystery and adventure in Egyptology. In actual fact, Lord Carnarvon died in 1923 and Howard Carter in 1939. This means we shorted Carter by about seventeen years, but Carnarvon survived a surplus forty-one years. Not exactly balanced, but it played well.

My notes about Dr. George A. Reisner came from the website for the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. We only chose Boston because we liked the connection to Lovecraft. That the museum actually has an Egyptian collection was icing on the cake and had to be incorporated into the tale.

The direct quote and the source of my bibliographical notes for the Necronomicon came from The Dan Clore Necronomicon Page. Additionally, the alleged content of the volume in my story is a fabrication of my gamemaster and is not to be taken as even the ghost of a reflected image of the Lovecraft canon.

I had no idea where one would find Chatham on a map when we used this location in an earlier story. I decided to look it up for this one and was happy to find it had such a cool history. There really was a Royal Dockyard in use at the time we set this tale, so I slapped it in as window dressing.