Ghoulfinger notes

My description of the Kentucky Derby is a fictional account which alters the facts of the actual race run on May 1, 1965 for story purposes. My intent is (obviously, I hope) only to provide an amusing diversion and not to cast aspersions on the names of Mrs. Ada L. Rice, Danada Farms, nor anyone else connected to the actual event.

In the historical race, Lucky Debonair was the winner by a neck over Dapper Dan with Tom Rolfe showing third. Flag Raiser finished eighth, Bold Lad tenth, both giving way badly late in the race. My account is a twisted version of the races notes to be found at I give many thanks to those who post such useful things on the web, and hope they feel no animosity towards geeks like me who use the material to enhance their fun.

Oddly, the bit about the delay of post time is historically correct, as shown in this note (which is also at
"The start of the Derby is delayed several minutes as a fire breaks out in the clubhouse first turn area, but there is more smoke than fire. Very few spectators move so as not to lose their seats."

Further, the moon phases given in the story are incorrect, having been established by dice roll without regard for the actual state of the moon. There was a new moon May 1, 1965, and not a quarter moon as given. Whoops and drat.